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Generic PropeciaGeneric Propecia – One of the best medicines to treat male pattern baldness is Propecia. This preparation was allowed for medical use in 1992 and is still on the top 100 of the most often prescribed drugs, being the best to fight male pattern hair loss. Except for intensifying hair growth, generic Propecia is also prescribed to improve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

This drug belongs to prescription medications. To buy it from a regular pharmacy, you need to have a valid prescription. Online purchase of generic Propecia gives easy access to quality treatment without the need to visit a doctor. You can order the drug on our website and receive a certified medication on the best terms.

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Generic Propecia Dosing. How It Works?

Each Propecia tablet contains either 1 mg or 5 mg of a substance called finasteride. This drug inhibits 5alpha-reductase inhibitors and acts as an antiandrogen. Its task in the human body is to prevent testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone. The latter is mainly present in the tissues of the prostate gland and in the hair follicles. The reduction of its amount by about 70% allows stopping the process of hair loss.

The choice of the dosage of medication you need should be made in accordance with the medical advice you receive from your GP. The dose of finasteride will depend on the health condition you are going to treat. For BPH, a 5 mg dosage strength is used, whereas finasteride 1 mg is for increased hair growth.

Advice on Generic Propecia Intake

Propecia therapy is a durable process. Usually, men need from three to six months to notice improvements in their hair thickness. For this reason, you should talk to your doctor about all the possible risks related to such a prolonged intake of Propecia (finasteride). Below, you’ll find some general advice on use:

  • Ingest the pills once daily.
  • Use generic Propecia either with or without meals.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended drug dosage. It won’t speed-up the treatment progress but will increase your risks for adverse effects.
  • Continue the treatment for as long as your doctor tells you. On stopping the therapy, your health condition will return to a pre-treatment state within 12 months.

Precautions for Generic Propecia Intake

The treatment of male pattern hair loss is generally safe. Still, some categories of men should avoid the intake of finasteride tablets as they may worsen the health condition they already suffer, including:

  • Severe liver disease;
  • Prostate cancer;
  • Urinary tract diseases;
  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance of the drug or other excipients.

Finasteride is a preparation that should be used by men only. Women (unless they are transgender) should by no means take generic Propecia. Pregnant ladies shouldn’t even touch the pills because if they are crushed or broken, the active substance may absorb through the skin and affect the unborn baby.

Clinical trials showed that finasteride elevates the probability of developing rare and severe kinds of prostate cancer. To prevent such conditions, you should be monitored for the levels of PSA. Its increase signals about prostate cancer.

Possible Adverse Reactions to Generic Propecia

Overall, generic Propecia is safe. The side effects of finasteride appear in less than 1% of users. In the long term, this figure decreases to 0.3%. The unwanted symptoms men experience most often are related to their sexual health.

Trouble getting and keeping an erection, decreased volume of ejaculate, and low interest in sexual activity are the three most frequent reactions to drug use.

Severe adverse effects to oral finasteride are extremely rare and show through breast size increase, breast sensitivity, skin dryness, fatigue, and others. Be careful when on generic Propecia and call your doctor for advice if any unwanted symptoms occur.

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